Existing Businesses

Thank you for choosing to locate in Pitt Meadows. We are glad you’re here and proud that you have chosen Pitt Meadows as your business home. The Pitt Meadows Economic Development Corporation is here to help your business continue to grow and thrive in our community. We are here to assist you as your business expands and grows or your needs change.

Dawn Lutz Ola Puppy Dog Grooming

"I love operating my business in Pitt Meadows because of the greenery around the commercial buildings. It provides a colourful and inviting environment."

- Dawn Lutz, Owner, Ola Puppy Dog Grooming


Our Business Retention and Expansion Program

“The average community will derive 76% of its new jobs and capital investment from existing business.” Eric P. Canada - A Community’s best companies are your competitor’s best prospects!

Through a Business Retention and Expansion Program (BR&E) the PMEDC staff guide business interviews to raise the overall economic vitality of the community.  The information obtained through the interviews can identify companies that are looking for assistance, their growth potential, as well as the potential risk of a company leaving the community or downsizing, their perceptions of the community, local government and its officials, and a variety of community-based challenges.

The BR&E program is an ongoing community-wide outreach program that PMEDC is committed to continuing. If we haven’t already connected with your company, please give us a call at 604-465-9481 or send us an email to book your interview.

How the PMEDC Can Help You

The Pitt Meadows Economic Development Corporation has many services, programs and initiatives in place to assist the business community, market the community to potential investors and encourage employment opportunities in Pitt Meadows.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive available land and built space inventory
  • Maintaining a business directory
  • Providing community statistics and demographics
  • Assisting both new and expanding businesses with locating and relocating businesses
  • Facilitating the planning and development permitting process with the City of Pitt Meadows
  • Conducting research on business gaps and opportunities
  • Helping investors indentify business opportunities in Pitt Meadows
  • Facilitating the sharing of business concerns with the appropriate agencies.

For further information you can view our programs and initiatives, or contact our office at 604-465-9481 to discuss how we can help you.


Q. What is the function of the Pitt Meadows Economic Development Corporation?
A. The PMEDC’s primary function is to provide economic development services for the community by providing leadership and creating the environment to support the types of economic development opportunities that the residents would like to see grow and be attracted to the community.

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions about starting up or locating a business in Pitt Meadows?
A. Contact the PMEDC at 604-465-9481 or send your questions by .

Q. What are the current development opportunities in Pitt Meadows?
A. You can access current development opportunities in the Development Projects section of our website.

Q. Where can I find information on commercial, office or industrial land or buildings available in Pitt Meadows?
A. You can view information on buildings for lease or sale and commercial and industrial land available by clicking on the Property Search icon at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can contact the PMEDC at 604-465-9481.

Q. Does the City of Pitt Meadows offer any incentives for redevelopment?
A. While Pitt Meadows does not have a redevelopment incentive, our Mayor and Council work to keep fees appropriate and tax rates reasonable and are happy to discuss additional incentives and opportunities that support industrial development in our community.

Q. Where can I find labour force information for Pitt Meadows?
A. You can access labour force information in the Workforce section of our website.

Q. Who can help me find the right employees for my business?
A. You can contact Service Canada at 1-800-0-Canada or visit jobbank online.

Q. Where can I find demographic or statistical information for Pitt Meadows?
A. You can access demographic information in the Demographics section of our website.

Have a specific question that you’re unable to find an answer to? Please send it our way.