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Location is everything and Pitt Meadows, British Columbia is the ideal location for your business

Pitt Meadows is conveniently located only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver and Vancouver International Airport, 25 minutes from Abbotsford International Airport and within 30 minutes of three US border crossings. Oh, and did we mention that we have the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport and the CP Rail Intermodal Yard located in our community?

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, already an established business owner or are considering an expansion, Pitt Meadows is the place to be.

The Pitt Meadows Economic Development Corporation (PMEDC) is your go-to organization for the information and resources to help you make your location and expansion decisions. We have a culture of collaboration, and the PMEDC team, in partnership with the City of Pitt Meadows, looks forward to supporting and sharing your success.

Choose Pitt Meadows and you will find a great location to set up and grow your business and your family. You can have it all in Pitt Meadows - live, work and play in one vibrant small city!



Keeping Your Business & Community Safe Series

RCMP Business Crime Prevention Tips
by Kristi Ferguson, posted on 12:56 PM, January 9, 2014

RCMPCrest2.jpgIn this 7 part series our partners at Ridge Meadows RCMP will share Business Crime Prevention Tips prepared by the British Columbia Crime Prevention Association.


Staff Supervision

*Train staff to be vigilant and have regular meetings to reinforce attentiveness

*Have a staff member greet customers; shoplifters do not want to be noticed

*Assign a staff member to monitor fitting rooms closely

*Have staff members staple receipts to the outside of shopping bags

Be Aware of Shoplifting Behaviour

*Watch for customers with heavy clothing or who leave large bags on the floor when they are looking at merchandise

*Require customers to leave backpacks etc. at the entrance

*Watch for shoplifters working in pairs

Keeping Merchandise Safe

*Keep easily stolen items near the cash register

*Maximize your staff's visibility of merchandise from the cash register

*Install mirrors in corners or install closed circuit television (CCTV) or a digital recorder (DVR)

*Secure back rooms and storage areas

*Display anti-theft signage - "Shoplifters will be prosecuted"

Stay tuned for the next tips on how to prevent Business Fraud.

Why is Economic Development Important to a Community?

by Kristi Ferguson, posted on 11:29 AM, January 6, 2014

Economic development can continue in several key ways to the livability of a community, helping to sustain the quality of life we all desire:

1. Economic development activities increase the local tax base, creating new revenues to support municipal services and infrastructure that further enhance local neighbourhoods.

2. Economic development activities create new jobs for residents, contributing to residents' ability to live in the community and add to its social fabric.

3. Economic development activities support existing businesses, ensuring neighbourhood businesses remain successful.

4. Economic development activities attract new investment to the community, diversifying the tax base and building resilience to weather change. This supports the community's long-term sustainability.

5. Economic development activities engage the business community to provide leadership and support for municipal objectives.

Source: BCEDA (British Columbia Economic Development Association)

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Pre-Budget Consultation 2014
by Lori Graham, posted on 11:43 AM, January 3, 2014

Randy Kamp MP - Pre-Budget Consultation January 15, 2014 at Thomas Haney Secondary School - 7pm

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